PhotoShowOff's Rules and Guidelines

By using you agree to the following rules and guidelines.

Uploading Photos

By uploading photos on PhotoShowOff you certify that you own the full rights without exceptions to the uploaded material.

The photo will be removed from PhotoShowOff without further warning if the users rights to the photo are questioned with reasonable evidence.

All uploads of material to PhotoShowOff is at your own risk.

Rights to the use of uploaded photos

All photos uploaded to PhotoShowOff belongs without exception to the uploading user. It is not allowed to download and / or include photos from PhotoShowOff in any kind of publications being printed, digital or any other format. Any usage or distribution of photos from PhotoShowOff is strictly prohibeted.
If you wish to use one or more photos from PhotoShowOff you must obtain permission from the respective user.

PhotoShowOff's usage of uploaded photos

PhotoShowOff reserves the rights to use any uploaded material on and in any related PhotoShowOff product.
PhotoShowOff is free to scale and crop photos before publishing them.

Examples of PhotoShowOff usage includes, but are not limited to, publishing on, in mobile applications, in RSS feeds, in newsletters, in integrations with social media etc. PhotoShowOff shall whenever possible make the photo clickable and link it to it's full presentation on or similar full photo view in a PhotoShowOff product.

PhotoShowOff is not entitled to redistribute any uploaded material.

Guidelines for photos

Any photo uploaded to PhotoShowOff must follow these guidelines:

Nudity in Photos

If the photo contains nudity it is the photographer's responsibility to specify this when uploading it to PhotoShowOff. If a user fails in flagging nudity repeatedly, PhotoShowOff reserves the right to terminate the account.

Guidelines for dialogue

On PhotoShowOff we advocate free speech and dialogue. Nevertheless please behave! Offensive remarks are not accepted.
Offensive posts will be deleted by a PhotoShowOff moderator as we become aware of them.

If a user repeatedly writes offensive posts, the user will be expelled from PhotoShowOff.

Defining offensive

Attacking a person or group of persons, scandalous claims, obscene or pornographic appealing, provocations for the sake of provocating. Including any kind of TROLLING.

It will at all time be PhotoShowOff's right to judge whether a comment falls within the context of this definition. Even if such definition is not clearly listed above!

PhotoShowOff reserves the right to modify these guidelines without prior notice. Major revisions will be announced in the PhotoShowOff forum.

These guidelines are applicable from October 12th, 2016, last updated on October 25th, 2016.