Forum: New features to PSO

7 months ago Morten Trolle

In the last couple of weeks we have introduced some new exiting features on PhotoShowOff.

# Paginate on photos view
When viewing a photo you can now paginate on to the next and previous photo relative to the list of photos you came from. So if you are on the frontpage, and click into a photo you can afterwards move on to the next photo from the list by clicking the far right side of the photo you are viewing (an arrow will occur once you move your mouse out in the right area of the photo).
Same with previous photo access from the left side of the photo.

Alternatively you can use the arrow keys left and right on your keyboard to paginate through the photos.

# Views are no longer notifiable
You can no longer receive notifications for when somebody viewed your photo. This has instead been replaced with our new "My photos" section.

# My photos
From your personal menu (click on your avatar in the main menu far right), you can now access the new "My photos" view.
From here you get a list of all your uploads and for each photo you can view it's viewing, likes and comments statistics to get a quick glance of how your photos are doing in the community.

I hope you enjoy these updates.

- Morten

5 months ago John Ottesen

Siden ser fint ud og virker godt, men slå da de 2 sider sammen, de er jo 100% de samme fotografer!!

5 months ago Morten Trolle

Det er også intentionen over tid. Først skal vi dog sikre, at det nye system spiller 100%, så vi ikke taber nogen på gulvet undervejs.

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