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What should the essay look like and what should it contain?

The essay is a prosaic unit whose aim is to analyze a certain problem from various areas of society’s life and express its opinion on this problem. The author of the essay must make an effort to express himself / herself on the analyzed problem, his / her opinion should be innovative and interested. If you’re writing an essay, try to make a subjective attitude to the subject. Nor is it necessary for you to know all the technical terms or to come up with a clear solution at all costs. The essay gives you the opportunity to be creative and free. It is not a difficult style, on the contrary, it is very popular. The author can choose from a variety of areas or topics (social, philosophical, ethical, literary, cultural, etc.). Usually, an essay is written on a few pages and has an aesthetic purpose. If you have a certain artistic feeling in yourself, writing an essay will playfully play, as the essay often uses figurative ways or expressive artistic means.
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